WordPress SEO Tips and Tricks To Improve Website Speed

Tips and Tricks For Killer WordPress SEO and Site Speed

Many WordPress users use the outstanding Yoast SEO Plugin to optimize their WordPress site for SEO.

Yoast SEO is a great product, however, there are still many other ways to optimize your WordPress website for SEO to the fullest extent possible.  There are also other great SEO plugins like the All in One SEO Pack and WordPress SEO.

Techniques you may want to use to supercharge your WordPress SEO.

Site Speed Is Vital If You Want High Rankings and User Satisfaction Including Initial Time To First Load.

Test your site speed for free at:

Install A Caching Plugin 
W3 Total Cache, Zen Cache, Rocket, Autoptimize,WPFC and others will save returning user download time and increase the speed with which the site comes up.
Use GZip Compression 
By compressing your WordPress site with GZip, you will speed up your website tremendously. I have used GZip Ninja Speed. BWP  Minify. Very helpful.
Image Compression
Often overlooked. Use an image compression plug-in to decrease your load time especially if you have many images or infographics or a graphically intense site.  A standard SEO best practice is to use the alt image tags and descriptions to tell Google what your images are about.  Use good image titles.  Even local specific titles.  I use a plugin called Compress JPEG & PNG images and a plugin called SEO Friendly Images which auto-adds alt and title attributes.  WP Smush is also a great image plugin.
Deactivate Plugins You Rarely Use
By activating plugins only when you need to use them, you are clearing out overhead that may slow down your WordPress site’ intital load time which is extremely important to Google.  If you never use a plugin, uninstall it.
Clean Up of Databases
Cleaning out the databases of spam, old drafts, and other unnecessary items will slim down your database and make your site a bit faster.  WP-Optimize is a great free plugin for these tasks.  Remove query strings from static resources is another plugin that will improve site speed.
Limit The Number Of Widgets
Be cautious how many widgets you put into the menu sidebars.They may look pretty, but those sidebar tools will make database calls and other calls off your website and slow down your WordPress website. Google has been hinting for awhile that any links you have in widgets may be discounted soon. Put links directly in your content.
Pick A Theme That Doesn’t Bog Down Your Site
Choose an SEO friendly theme. Keep is simple and speedy.
Meta Title & Description Tags
Optimize how your posts look in the search engine results pages in order to capture user attention, intention and encourage a click through.  Add Meta Tags is one such plugin out of many. The more people who click on your site link, stay on your site and look at many pages, the more Google will respect your site as an authority that engages users and your site will benefit.
Schema.org Rich Snippets
All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets lets the user control which rich snippets will be shown under your listing in Google.  Schema Creator by Raven allows you to create Rich Snippets as well as a schema for Google.  The benefit is more real estate taken up on Google by your website as well as links that users can click on it find what they are specifically looking for.  Blue Nile Research recently came out with a study that if a website in position one on Google has no rich snippets, but the website in position 2 does have them, the website in position two may get up to 26% more clicks than the non-rich snippet website in position one.
Mobile Friendliness
Make your site mobile friendly. Google is moving towards a mobile first index rather than desktop first. Try using AMP.
Prevent Spam
Protect Your Blog From Spam.  Use AkismetWordfence Security provides anti-virus protection, a firewall. and a high-speed cache.
You Need an XML Sitemap
Use an XML Sitemap to submit to Google Search Console which will help Google determine when and why to crawl your site. Google has a free XML plugin that has been downloaded over a million times. Google XML Plugin.
Use A CDN (Content Delivery Network)
This is a service that will speed up the time it takes your website to load because it uses the server closest to the user to deliver the content.  Amazon has a cheap CDN, there are also a few free ones.
Permalink Structure
Ensure your permalink structure to something SEO-friendly and keep the permalinks short, 4 words is good. While you are at it, choose how many posts you want WordPress to show per page.  Only do this on a new install otherwise, you may mess up your current install.
Before you install any plug-in make a backup.
Other SEO tips:
  • Use Breadcrumbs.
  • Use a great hosting service.
  • Beware of duplicate content.
  • Disable unnecessary archives.
  • Use on-site WordPress SEO to link to related posts.
  • If you have a popular post, update it, add more content, check for any grammatical or spelling errors, give it a good refresh and Google will enjoy that.
  • Choose canonical URLs including a web-site address WWW vs.non-WWW to avoid duplicate content issues.
  • Use proper headers but don’t overdo it.
  • Seek out similar blogs and post useful and substantial comments with a link back to your site.
  • Answer questions on Reddit with a link back to your blog, don’t get carried away.
  • If you have anything to add to this list, please let me know!!
  • I recommend not to install and activate a dozen plugins all at the same time.  I usually install and activate each plugin individually to make sure it doesn’t break my site.
  • I also recommend keeping your WordPress install build up to date, just common sense.


SEO For WordPress | First Page Google Rankings With WP


Great SEO With WordPress

I’ve been using WordPress for over 13 years and have created hundreds sites since WordPress was launched officially in 2005.

WordPress is very easy to use whether on its self-hosted site WordPress.com or on your own domain. It’s a breeze easy to install, free to use, and are thousands of WordPress experts volunteers on WordPress’s Internet forums who’ll answer questions WordPress.

WordPress has functions capable of creating any content imaginable. WordPress also has thousands of themes both paid and free. WordPress is used to create over 1,000,000 posts and pages every day. It is used by Sony, BBC, CBS, NY Times and thousands of other companies around the world. In addition, over 40% of webmaster and bloggers use WordPress to publish content.

WordPress can be made super-fast when serving content to users. WordPress is also easy to optimize for Google with plug-in such as Yoast SEO or All-In-One SEO. Using META titles, headers, and internal linking in WordPress makes it easier for Google to understand your site and will also be positive factors when run analyzed by Google.


Site Speed Is Vital For High Rankings

WordPress can be used to build a very fast website.

Test your site speed at:






These methods will also help increase the speed of your site


Install A Caching Plugin 

W3 Total Cache, Comet Cache, WP-Fastest Cache, WP-Rocket, Autoptimizer many and others will save baddwith and minify CSS and Javascript to make your website load faster’

Use GZip Compression 

By using GZIP your entire site will be compressed and amount of time of delivery to the user will decrease.

Image Compression

Use an image compression system to decrease your load time.n.

Deactivate Plugins Rarely Used

By activating plugins only when you need them, you are clearing overhead that may slow down your WordPress site.  Uninstall plug-ins you have abandoned so you don’t have to worry about upgrades to prevent exploits.

Cleaning Up Your Databases

Cleaning out the WordPress SQLdatabase of comment spam, revisions, drafts, transient obgect and other unnecessary objects will reduce the size your database and make your site faster.

Limit The Number Of Widgets

Be cautious when using widgets. Widgets make database calls, consume memory and  slow down your website.

Use A Theme That Won’t Bog Down Your Site

Choose an SEO friendly theme. Make sure your theme is responsive and mobile-device ready.  Mobile friendliness is a Google ranking factor. Consider implementing AMP.


A CDN is a service that will speed up the time it takes your website to load because will it use a server close the user to deliver your site.


Other WordPress Tips
  • WordPress makes it easy to use plugins and sitemaps so your content easily indexable by Google.
  • You can use the Akismet plugin to kill thousands of spam comments.
  • WordFence makes it hard to exploit WordPress.
  • Before you install a  plug-in or make  significant changes to WordPress be sure to backup your installation.

WordPress SEO Tips

  •     Use Breadcrumbs to assist site crawlers.
  •     Beware of duplicate content, short or long META titles and descriptions and 404 errors.
  •     Limit inclusion to the sitemap unnecessary archives.
  •     Popular posts can be updated to ensure relevancy.
  •     Add additional content to popular posts. Google will re-evaluate them,
  •     Use canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content issues.
  •     Post your best posts to social networks.